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    BioTabs Mycotrex


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    BioTabs Mycotrex is a fertilizer that contains a cocktail with different strains of mycorrhizae beneficial for the soil and the health of the rhizosphere of plants.


    The word mycorrhiza comes from two Greek words meaning, respectively, "fungus and root". is established a cooperative relationship between beneficial fungi and certain meristematic parts of the root. In the zone where this symbiosis takes place is called mycorrhiza, and it is there where the fungus and the root nourish each other. It is In other words, the mycorrhiza allows plants to improve their nutrient absorption process.

    Mycorrhization is a natural phenomenon that effectively increases the absorption surface of the root, since it acts as an extension of it. Under ideal conditions, the absorptive capacity of plants can reach to improve up to 700%, which means that plants can more easily assimilate nutrients and retain them available for much longer.

    Rhizobacteria and natural humic acids are also found in the Mycotrex formulation to enhance the early root development.

    The application of Mycotrex and the entire range of BioTabs products does not require pH or EC control, so it is not you need to invest in its implementation. They are based on promoting the natural life of the substrates by adding the microorganisms that naturally facilitate the absorption of nutrients by plants.

    Mycotrex is approved for use as an organic fertilizer on all types of crops and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

    How to use:
    Since mycorrhizal fungi live in the roots of plants, the product is sprinkle 5 grams in the planting hole.