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Grolab Starter Kit


Sold by Natural Systems. More information

The Starter kit contains the basic elements to get started in the automation of crops. GroNode is essential to control up to 4 modules of each type.
PowerBot provides the necessary tools to control the microclimate, lighting and irrigation.

Gronode interconnects all the modules and controls all the parameters of the crop. It is totally autonomous and in addition to controlling each module, it records in its memory all the data collected from sensors and connected devices.

Gronode stores data and settings. Manages all communications and orders between the different modules. When connecting to the Software, it downloads all the data stored in its internal memory to consult the status of all the sensors and devices installed in the crop through graphs and history. It can communicate by radio frequency in a range of 25 meters indoors and 100 meters in open spaces (depending on obstacles) with 4 modules of each type. It must be connected to a Router to be configured and consulted from the software.

PowerBot sends data from its Temperature, Humidity sensors to Gronode. Control any electrical peripheral (lamps, water pumps, extractors, heaters, humidifiers etc ...)

The Versatility of PowerBot makes it essential for any type of crop. It analyzes and controls the microclimate of the crop informed and controlling in real time the temperature and humidity of the environment. Any electronic component such as lamps, extractors, water pumps, solenoid valves, humidifiers, etc. can be connected ... It controls any element with the precision of 1 Second, assuming the definitive replacement of the classic imprecise and unreliable environmental meters, thermostats and mechanical timers. Up to 2300W connected directly to PowerBot (per socket and total), or without power limit using electrical contactors.

Connect any electrical element to PowerBot and configure it to control the climate in your crop. Automate extractors, heaters, humidifiers and / or dehumidifiers etc. Its temperature and humidity sensor will send all the information to PowerBot to keep the microclimate totally stable.

It does not need to be connected to a computer (Only to the router for inquiries and configurations from the application)
Internal communications isolated from Ethernet networks. (Between modules, communications are by radio frequency)
No need for an internet connection. (You can take advantage of your connection to the Router to consult from the network and send notices and alerts by email)
Serial Numbers not associated with the identity of the clients.

The limit is set by your imagination. You can add up to 4 modules of each type for each GroNode (the brain).
4 PowerBots is equivalent to 16 independent electrical connectors and 4 temperature and humidity sensors with which to control up to 4 independent growing areas.
4 SoilBots offer 16 substrate moisture sensors to monitor multiple types or groups of plants. 8 substrate temperature sensors and 8 flood detectors. SoilBot Box comes with 2 humidity sensors, 1 temperature sensor and a flood detector, you add the extra sensors you need.
4 TankBots give the possibility to control 16 sensors of your choice (sensors that act as a switch) and 16 12 or 24 volt actuators with a maximum of 5 Watts per output (supplied with a 12v transformer)

-2 RF antennas
-Temperature and humidity sensor (Air)
-Ethernet cable
-Power cord 230V 10A
-Fuse 230V 10A
-3V button battery
-Battery cover + screws
- 2 USB Type B Cables
-USB with GroLab Software + GroNode and PowerBot manuals