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Grolab SoilBot


Sold by Natural Systems. More information
SoilBot is a perfect tool to control irrigation safely. maintains a constant and balanced humidity with the substrate, be it earth or rock wool.
Equipped with flood sensors, it will quickly detect leaks or excess water by automatically activating the security protocols (water or electricity cuts) and warning of any anomaly by means of a loud beep or by email (internet connection required). The user will create action protocols for possible anomalies detected.

Automatically controls irrigation activation and sends data from its sensors to GroNode (Moisture in substrate and flood detection)
SoilBot moisture sensors monitor substrate moisture. This allows plants to be self-sufficient when they need it, minimizing the consumption of water and fertilizer.

Control the irrigation of multiple crops by taking advantage of the humidity sensors for the substrate. In this way, smaller plants with a lower absorption rate will not receive the same amount of water and nutrients as larger ones.
By adding TankBot to your GroLab you can activate solenoid valves and water groups of plants independently. You can also connect multiple pumps to PowerBot to water by zones.

Turn off the lighting in case your plants are not receiving the water they need, avoiding droughts.
Control the soil and acting against floods (disconnection of irrigation and electrical devices that threaten safety).

PowerBot will receive the order to activate the 220v water pump (s) and / or solenoid valve (s) when ordered by the plants.
-RF antenna
-2 Substrate moisture sensor
-Substrate temperature sensor
-Flood detector
-USB type B cable
-5V transformer
SoilBot Manual