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Qnubu Press Vip Automatic Press 20 Tons plates 15x20cm


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Qnubu 20-ton automatic press: Qnubu Press Vip Auto 20 T, with which you can perform comfortably at home your first medicinal plant extractions. With a capacity of up to 20 T with the push of a button. Now you can obtain and consume a quality product made entirely by you, without risking with solvents, safe, with a great return and at a relatively low price. It is one of the most powerful on the market, but at an unbeatable price.

Provided with two rectangular plates, 15x20 cm each, responsible for effortlessly transmitting the values of temperature and pressure programmed in advance by the user. These values ??can be controlled and parameterized comfortably from its unequivocal reading digital screen. The Qnubu Press Pro is an ideal professional equipment for have in your association or cannabis club available to members.

By combining pressure and temperature, you can perform the extraction technique known as Rosin Tech, from which it takes its name the famous resinous concentrate called Rosin.

To obtain the Rosin, or resin concentrate, the vegetable matter is pressed and heated so that it the resin be exuded and released from the trichomes. In the same way it is also possible to press and extract resin from other extractions Icelator type previews.

With this technique you can extract not only cannabis essences and oils, but also aromatic plants either medicinal. Produce your own aromas and natural remedies for your health with which to surprise your relatives and friends.

When your first homemade extraction is ready, remember that you can taste it directly by impregnating the cigar or using special pipes or bongs, although most consumers prefer to vape it after diluting it in mixtures of the E-liquid type.


  • The Qnubu Press Vip Auto 20T is Plug and Play, plug it in and it's ready to go.
  • Then wrap the starting material in a mesh to prevent possible plant debris from coming out mixed at the same time as the resin we are looking for.
  • (This way we avoid having to have the patience to clean up the extraction by hand with the help of some punch).
  • The mesh micron is not decisive, but in the market you can find from 20 to 160 microns thick.
  • With non-stick paper we make a kind of envelope in which to insert the mesh that contains the material vegetable.
  • Next, we set the temperature on our pressure equipment and placed our envelope between the team irons.
  • Then we activate the equipment to press and heat for a certain time.
  • The resin will come out through the mesh to impregnate the release paper in the form of small droplets amber and sticky.

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