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    Electronic Pressure Group E.Sybox


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    E.sybox is OBD's new integrated system for increasing water pressure in domestic and residential applications.
    E.sybox does not require any additional components for its installation, as it consists of a self-priming multi-stage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flow sensors, a high-resolution adjustable LCD screen and a 2-liter integrated expansion vessel.
    Efficient: Thanks to Inverter technology, e.sybox receives the necessary energy according to the water requirements, thus avoiding unnecessary waste, allowing considerable economic savings.
    Versatile: it can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position, in a ventilated room or in a recess.
    Silent: Perceived noise as well as vibrations are reduced to a minimum by the e-whisper system. Extremely quiet (only 45 dB in standard use). Thanks to the water-cooled motor, the ABS sound-damping protective housings, the vibration damping feet and the inverter electronics that modulate the engine revolutions according to the set point pressure and the requested flow.
    Compact: saves 30% space compared to a traditional system.