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Covercrop Light


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Covercrop is a high quality substrate made mainly from Sphagnum peat, perlite, coconut fiber, worm castings, mycorrhizae, microelements and humic and fulvic acids. Something more than a simple Lightmix so you can start your cultivation with a reliable and quality substrate. Free of pathogens and diseases.

Covercrop mainly contains peat from the well-known peat moss or Sphagnum, which is the generic name for more than 200 species of moss that grow together. Sphagnum peat is famous for its water retention capacity, up to 20 times its dry weight in water.

The Covercrop factories dry out the moss and process it to sterilize it and leave it ready to mix with the rest of the organic components of this magnificent substrate.

Coconut fiber, perlite and a little worm castings are added to the Sphagnum. The improvement is remarkable, since the perlite, together with the coconut fiber, helps the substrate to remain porous and drainable after continuous watering. The earthworm humus is an organic fertilizer that provides slow-release nutrients, ideal for the proliferation of macrobiotic life in the soil and for the first food of plants.

The quality of the Covercrop substrate is finished off with the addition of trichodermas and mycorrhizae; based on dry and ground mycorrhizal roots powder. Another organic component that serves as the basis for the natural proliferation of these fungi to occur earlier. Finally, the mixture is completed with humic acids, extracted from Leonardite, which is a humified vegetable substance, very rich in organic matter, in an intermediate state of transformation between peat and lignite.

Despite being an enriched soil, Covercrop only has an electro conductivity of 1.1ÁS / cm. This allows you to control the degree of fertilization that you prefer from the beginning of the crop.

Note: It is recommended to add fertilizers from the second week of cultivation, but if it is necessary to fertilize from the beginning it is better to add very very low doses to accustom the plants to the desired fertilizer parameters.

Also available in box format for greater discretion.


  • Sphagnum peat: 75%
  • Coconut fiber: 10%
  • Perlite: 10%
  • Worm Humus: 5%


  • Fulvic and humic acids
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Trichoderma Harzianum
  • Root stimulator
  • Moisturizer

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